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Flexi Cat - Articulated Flexible 3D Print. Professionally Hand painted finishing details- can print in any colour you like!

Flexi Cat - Articulated Flexible 3D Print. Professionally Hand painted finishing details- can print in any colour you like!

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Flexi Cat - Articulated Flexible 3D Print
Model design by Flexi Factory for which I am an authorised reseller.

This articulated 3D print can be posed standing and sitting. Feels great to move around in your hands, makes a great fidget, is great for imaginitive play and also makes a great desktop companion.
Please be aware these are not suitable as a toy for younger children, they are fairly robust but not designed as an action figure.

The Flexi Cat stands around 8cm tall and is around 19cm from nose to tail laying down, larger sizes can be printed on request.
Printed with 3 walls and 10% infil to make a robust model.

Professionally hand painted eyes using high quality model acrylic paints. Painting is sealed with an acrylic gloss for protection and to give a distinctive life like finish.
Printed with plant based PLA filament these models are biodegradable.

The models in the photos are printed with Black silk, Cosmic Red/Blue and Rainbow PLA+ however this model can be printed any colour you like, please select from the drop down menu. The painted eye colour can also be personalised, please put your request in the personalisation box or I will paint them the most appropriate for the primary colour selected.

***Please note with gradient filaments such as the camo, macaron and rainbow it is not possible to get an exact match for those in the images as the gradient changes as each model is printed. You will get random colours from the roll of filament but not necessarily in exactly the same places on the model.***
If you have a specific colour of rainbow/gradient in mind please message me and I will see if it can be achieved.

As with all 3D prints layer lines are visible and there may be the odd small imperfection in the printing process but these do not take away from awsomeness of the finished product.

Although care has been taken to ensure this will endure hours of fidgeting and play please be aware the arms, legs and body can break if too much pressure is applied so be careful when having fun and always supervise young children to avoid accidents.

If you have any special requests for specific colours, models, sizes or paint schemes please message me as I am happy to accomodate most requests if possible
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