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Cute Christmas Tree with hidden legs - 3D printed model

Cute Christmas Tree with hidden legs - 3D printed model

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Cute Christmas Tree ornament with a hidden suprise! Designed by the team at Zou3d for which I am an authorised reseller.

Lift the Christmas tree to make their hidden legs drop down which can then be stood on. Give it a little shake and then drop it back down to hide the legs.
Can be posed standing, sitting on a flat surface or sat on a ledge as shown in the pictures (sitting on a ledge is a little precarious but works if you position it right)

Printed with plant based PLA filament these models are biodegradable, body and legs are printed in pine green and the star with gold silk filament.
As with all 3D prints layer lines are visible and there may be the odd small imperfection in the printing process but these do not take away from awsomeness of the finished product

Although care has been taken to ensure this will endure hours of fidgeting and play please be aware the legs, star and body can break if too much pressure is applied so be careful when having fun and always supervise young children to avoid accidents

If you have any special requests for specific colours, models, sizes or paint schemes please message me as I am happy to accomodate most requests if possible
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