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Deer Skull Dice Box - 3D Printed - Can be printed in any colour you like!

Deer Skull Dice Box - 3D Printed - Can be printed in any colour you like!

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Designed by the wonderfully talented Christine at LayersInGreen the Deer Skull Dice Box is a convenient and impressive way to store your gaming dice.

It has 6 spaces inside to hold dice, the compartment for each dice is around 27mm diameter, dice smaller than this will sit inside them and larger dice can be sat on top of them like an egg in an egg cup and the lid has space to accomodate these. A single dice can also be displayed within the crown of the Deer skull on the lid.

The lid section rests on the base and has a friction fit, it is not screwed on. There is a small notch to align the lid properly to display.
The Deer Skull dice box is just over 16cm tall by 13cm diameter.

The Deer Skull dice tower in the photos is printed in Pastel Macaron gradient matte filament, gradient filaments are random as to what colours you will get as it changes as the model is printed (like a rainbow gradient ball of wool in knitting). You will get a range of colours as shown in the photos though as this is quite a big print that uses alot of filament.

Printed with high quality PLA filament and finished to a very high standard, this model takes almost a full day to print

Printed with plant based PLA filament these models are biodegradable. As with all 3D prints layer lines are visible and there may be the odd small imperfection in the printing process but these do not take away from awsomeness of the finished product

If you have any special requests for specific colours, models, sizes or paint schemes please message me as I am happy to accomodate most requests if possible.
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