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Dungeons & Dragons Combination Dice Tower and Box - 3D printed in any colour you like - text and logos can be personalised!

Dungeons & Dragons Combination Dice Tower and Box - 3D printed in any colour you like - text and logos can be personalised!

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Choose your Weapons!

This combination dice tower and storage box is perfect for your Dungeons & Dragons/Board Game/RPG of Choice evenings both at home or on the go!
By default it features the Dungeons & Dragons logo on the inner surface of the tower and on the outside lid/back of the tower features a 'Choose your Weapon' logo.

This dice box can be personalised any way you wish, the lid and base colours can be picked from a wide variety I have in stock (or message if I dont have your choice, I can get it).
The logo on the inside and outer lid can also be either left plain or replaced with your own choice of message and logos (you could make it your rpg groups name/logo, a birthday message, football team colours, whatever you like!)

Easy to assemble as shown in the video it features a dice storage area and when assembled a sloped ramp dice tower that randomises your rolls and keeps your dice contained.
I have tested this model and it will accept up to a regular D30 which mine is around 27mm diameter.
The combination dice tower and box is around 4cm high x 10cm wide x 17cm deep when closed and stands around 18cm high when assembled.

The tower/box can be printed any colour you like, the one in the photos is:

Primary colour: dragon red - lid
Secondary colour: deep black - base/accent cover
Please choose your 2 colours in the listings drop down boxes

Please note with gradient filaments such as the camo, macaron and rainbow it is not possible to get an exact match for those in the images as the gradient changes as each model is printed.

Printed with high quality PLA filament and finished to a very high standard, this model takes a full day to print all the components

Printed with plant based PLA filament these models are biodegradable. As with all 3D prints layer lines are visible and there may be the odd small imperfection in the printing process but these do not take away from awsomeness of the finished product

If you have any special requests for specific colours, models, sizes or paint schemes please message me as I am happy to accomodate most requests if possible.

Design of Combination Dice Box and Tower by Ed Johnson licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.
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