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Flexi Skeleton Hand - Articulated Flexible 3D Print

Flexi Skeleton Hand - Articulated Flexible 3D Print

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Flexi Skeleton Hand - Articulated Flexible 3D Print

Designed by Dan Sopala at Flexi Factory this 3D printed Flexi Skeleton Hand a great fidget toy or display piece.
It can be posed laying flat with the wrist upwards or throttling/grabbing etc a variety of objects :)

The Flexi Skeleton hand is life size (average adult hand) at around 20cm from middle finger tip to wrist joint, and the wrist bone stands about 9cm tall.

Printed with high quality PLA+ filament it has a nice smooth surface.

Printed with plant based PLA filament these models are biodegradable
As with all 3D prints layer lines are visible and there may be the odd small imperfection in the printing process but these do not take away from awsomeness of the finished product

Although care has been taken to ensure this will endure hours of fidgeting and play and it is pretty robust please be aware if too much pressure is applied bending the fingers they could snap (you would have to try to break it to succeed but it is worth noting).

If you have any special requests for specific colours, models, sizes or paint schemes please message me as I am happy to accomodate most requests if possible
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